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Jewish Small Business with Bari Mitzmann & Arielle Salkin

I sit down with Bari Mitzmann, a former full time content creator,  and Arielle Sulkin, the owner of the Materials Design Co., to discuss running a small business in the current climate. We share how we have or haven’t been leaning into our Jewishness, how spending habits have changed, and what we do when promoting your business feels insensitive.

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Art is for Everyone with Faigie Kobre

I sit down with Faigie Kobre, an art teacher and early childhood educator, to discuss how we can bring better art into our kid’s lives. She shares her own journey into art and education, why so many of us think we’re not artistic, the problem with copycat crafts on a developmental level and good kid beginner arts for those of us who are mess averse.

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Life After MLM with Roberta Blevins

I sit down with Roberta Blevins, a former successful MLMer, to discuss her time in that cult like world. She shares What an MLM is, the tactics used in an MLM to maintain rank, and how the structure encourages bad behavior. Plus we discuss why personal accountability isn’t relevant in an industry with a higher failure rate than gambling.

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Distillation with Bracha Goetz

I sit down with Bracha Goetz, a prolific children’s book author,  to discuss her work. She shares why she identifies as a six year old boy, the impact of her groundbreaking book Let’s Stay Safe, how she distills complex topics down to their simplest parts so children can understand, and how children in Israel are handling the war.

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