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What You Can Do with Nechama Wasserman

I sit down with Nechama Wasserman, a woman who has been trying to get a Jewish divorce for 9 years. She shares her first impressions of her husband David when they were dating, what happened when she told him she was leaving, the support he’s been receiving from his family for the past 9 years and why she believes David needs mental health support and is not acting out of malice.

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The Wrap Dress- Special Solo Episode!

I go solo to, somewhat reluctantly, talk about what inspired my newest design The “Wrap” Dress. I’ll share why I decided to make it, the tricks I used to make a wrap dress with full coverage and my thoughts on how we teach modesty.

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Pursuing a More Inclusive Modest Fashion Industry With Miriam (Pascal) Cohen, Rechama (Jaffa) Rosenzweig, and Annette Dahan

In celebration of Impact Fashion adding sizes 26/28 and also to reflect on where we need to take modest fashion going forward I hopped on an Instagram live with Miriam ( Pascal)Cohen. We were spontaneously joined by Rechama Jaffa Rosenzweig from D-rama and Annette Dahan from Esteez Online, two women helming other fantastic modest fashion brands. This episode is the audio from that instagram live and I hope you enjoy.

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Draw in With Love with Robin Schick

I sit down with Robin Schick, an educator and close family friend,  to discuss the state of our high school students. She shares her passion for education, why she thinks smartphones have been worse for boys then girls, and why the price to be paid for not paying attention to the emotional needs of students is so much higher than ever before

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