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Empowered Birth with Chanie Fingerer

I talk with Chanie Fingerer, a labor and delivery nurse, about giving birth. We discuss the things every pregnant person should know, how to figure out if you’re with the provider that’s a good fit for you, the proper way to approach a birth plan, and that first post birth poop.

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On Motherhood- Special Solo Episode!

I go solo because ever since I announced that over the winter I gave birth there have been a whole lot of questions. On this episode I answer almost all of them including why I kept it a secret, why I’m sharing now and how I pulled this off.

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You'll Be Fine with My Mom

On this special Mother’s Day episode I sit down to chat with my mom about the new chapter in my life- motherhood! She shares the challenges she experienced in early motherhood, why she doesn’t give a crap about the stay at home vs working mom debate, the village it takes to mother, and her advice for new moms.

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Customer First with Bassy Schwartz

I talk with Bassy Schwartz, not your typical wig seller, about the industry. She shares the expensive disaster that was her first wig purchase, and how she set out to make over the wig industry. We also discuss my feelings towards lace top wigs and the keeping-up-with-the-joneses aspect of wig wearing

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