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Do What's Harder with Rivka Ravitz

Rivky sits down with Rivka Ravitz, a charedi mother who also happens to be the first woman to serve as chief of staff to thepresident of Israel. Rivka shares her career trajectory, her thoughts on Jewish unity in Israel both in war times and peace, what she tells girls considering going into a secular workplace, and chareidim in the army.

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The Best Skirt- Special Solo Episode!

Rivky goes solo to talk about her newest design, The Best Skirt. She share why she sat on this idea for over a year, the struggles She's had adjusting to a postpartum wardrobe, and why going up a dress size really isn’t that hard.

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Tackling Mental Health With Rachel Tuchman: Grief (2021)

In the wake of recent events, we revisit mental health, grief and tackling communal tragedies. Rivky and Rachel Tuchman, LMHC continue a winter long series on mental health with a discussion on grief. We talk about why grief belongs in the context of a mental health conversation, what happens in our heads when a public figure goes through a loss, the problems with the five stages of grief, spiritual bypassing and the place of religion in grief and grieving. 

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Unspoken Cartooning with Chari Pere

Rivky sits down with Chari Pere, a cartooner using her craft to bring awareness around miscarriage and other taboo topics. Chari shares about all the feelings she had during her miscarriage, finding out how common it was only once she was experiencing it and the anxiety of a pregnancy following loss.

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Selfish Moms with Tamari Jacob

Rivky sits down with lactation consultant and mom Tamari Jacob to talk about feeding our kids. They discuss how the traits that make the best adults make for really annoying kids, her own journey with breastfeeding and pumping, how she prioritizes self care and makes sure her kids know exactly what she’s doing and the labor split in their marriages.

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