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Prevention with Keshet Starr

I talk with Keshet Starr, the CEO of Ora Agunot, about the jewish divorce process. We discuss why it's so hard to count the number of Agunot, how our own lack of knowledge around the Bais Din system contributes to this problem, conquering the ick factor around halachik prenups and what these highly effective documents actually say.

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Having Voice with Dr. Shana Frydman

I talk with Dr. Shana Frydman, the director of Shalom Task Force, about domestic violence. She shares what it is and isn’t, the importance of having voice in a relationship, the barriers survivors have to leaving, and what the community can do to help.

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Worthy with Batya Reyz

I talk with Batya Reyz, a makeup artist and domestic abuse activist, about her experiences with emotional abuse. She shares what it feels like when emotional abuse shows itself in a relationship, the power of knowing your worth to combat abuse, and how we can empower our girls so they don’t end up in these situations

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No Handouts with Dobby Baum

I talk with Dobby Baum, a singer and performer, about what is was like to come to the US 5 years ago. She shares how her career and the Brooklyn Girls Choir came together, breaks down what makes a good singer and gives some tips for improving your voice.

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