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Stand In Your Worth with Chelsea Bear

I sit down with Chelsea Bear, a disability advocate with cerebral palsy, to talk about her life. She shares how she feels about people looking at her funny, the importance of language when it comes to talking about disabilities, and what body acceptance looks like with a disability.

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Switch with Style with Shana Brodman

I sit down with Shana Brodman, an OT turned store owner, to chat about her career. She shares the problem with asking high school girls to commit to careers, what it was like to leave her steady job after buying a struggling business, and her entrepreneurial learning curve. Plus we discuss the never ending struggle that is figuring out how a job fits into a family life.

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The Weight We Carry with Miriam (Pascal) Cohen

I sit down with Miriam (Pascal) Cohen, a food blogger taking up the cause of body shaming. She shares why it’s damaging for anyone at any size to be valued for their body, some more of the stories that came in and gives exclusive updates on real change that has happened only in this first week. We also discuss the trophy wife aesthetic, and her thoughts on becoming the new spokesperson for frum fat people.

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It's Been a Year with Rechama (Jaffa) Rosenzweig

I sit down again with Rechama (Jaffa) Rosenzweig, the owner of D-rama, to reflect on the past year. She shares why she thinks boyfriends are a waste of time, what she learned from the relationship that broke her, the process of dating her husband, and how marriage has affected her business and life.

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The Mod Dress- Special Solo Episode!

I go solo to talk about The Mod Dress. I share what it was like to bring my couture sensibilities into a piece of the collection, some tricks the fast fashion industry uses to make their products look better than they are, and that time a guy photographed me on the street in Manhattan.

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