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Life After MLM with Roberta Blevins

I sit down with Roberta Blevins, a former successful MLMer, to discuss her time in that cult like world. She shares What an MLM is, the tactics used in an MLM to maintain rank, and how the structure encourages bad behavior. Plus we discuss why personal accountability isn’t relevant in an industry with a higher failure rate than gambling.

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Distillation with Bracha Goetz

I sit down with Bracha Goetz, a prolific children’s book author,  to discuss her work. She shares why she identifies as a six year old boy, the impact of her groundbreaking book Let’s Stay Safe, how she distills complex topics down to their simplest parts so children can understand, and how children in Israel are handling the war.

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Freelance Design with Sew Heidi

I sit down with Sew Heidi, a woman who chose the freelance route in fashion and educates others. She shares why owning a brand wasn’t for her, why freelancing as a fashion designer has worked so well, the types of brands that are willing to hire freelance designers and how we can all overcome self doubt.

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Tying Up Loose Ends with Masey Kaplan and Jen Simonic

I sit down with Masey Kaplan and Jen Simonic, the founders of The Loose Ends Project, who pair crafters with unfinished project of those who have passed. They share why they have so many more finishers than projects, how they pair the projects with the right finisher and how they preserve the work of the loved one.

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