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Missed Expectations with Dr. Aimee Baron

I talk with Dr. Aimee Baron, a pediatrician and the founder of I Was Supposed To Have A Baby, about her infertility journey. She shares the work she did to accept the fact that her family wouldn’t look the way she imagined after suffering multiple miscarriages and how we can better support those around us in the infertility community.

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Responsibility with Aliza Horowitz

I talk with Aliza Horowitz,a lover of comedy and learning things the hard way, about her life. We talk about her decision to skip 12th grade, swap Rabbi stories that didn’t exactly do their trick on us, discuss her old fashioned sensisbilities, and the responsibility of a platform.

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"Normal" with Alex Fleksher & Rivki Silver

I talk with Alex Fleksher & Rivki Silver, the hosts of The Deep Meaningful Conversations Podcast, about their show. We discuss how covid led to the Normal Frum Woman podcast which was eventually acquired by Meaningful Minute, the politics of being “normal”, diversity & conformity in the Orthodox community, and how frum women relate to their talents and careers.

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Nuance with Danielle Immerman of The Reflective

I talk with Danielle Immerman, Director of Content at The Reflective, about modesty and her work. She shares how The Reflective navigates different modesty standards among religions and individuals, her experience diving headfirst into modest dressing, and what modesty means to her.

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Question and Answer Session with Elyse Resch

I ask your questions to Elyse Resch, a nutrition therapist and founder of Intuitive Eating. She debunks the myth of food addiction, discusses intuitive eating and weight loss, shares her take on processed food and using food as medicine. Plus we discuss how body image ties into all of this.

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