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Mazel with Rachie Shnay

Rivky sits down with Rachie Shnay, a proudly Jewish jewelry designer, to talk about her brand and mission. Rachie shares why it was important to her to have Jewish theme jewelry in her collection from the outset, her special connection to holocaust survivors and how her pieces got in the hands of celebrities.

Rachie Shnay was born and raised in NYC. After making a few shifts in her career path, she started her fine jewelry business ‘Rachie Shnay’ in 2019 and has quickly built a massive following around her world renowned, “Mazel Collection.” Thousands of women internationally form her “Mazel Club,” wearing her pieces with Jewish pride including Gal Gadot, Rachel Zoe, Amy Schumer, Julianna Margolies, Debra Messing, Lizzy Savetsky, Noa Tishby, Emmy Rossum, Selma Blair, Emmanuelle Chriqui, Miss Universe and so many more!

As a grandchild of four Holocaust survivors, Rachie has always been extremely passionate about spreading Holocaust education and awareness and inspiring others about the beauty of Judaism. She is a co-founder of, ‘The Healer’s Collection,’ a fashion accessory and wellness brand and continues to grow in new entrepreneurial ventures. She is all about spreading positivity and light and feels very lucky that through her business platform she has been able to create a network of women who are excited to embrace their Jewish identities in the most sparkly of ways and be their proudest and most fulfilled selves.


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