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Am I too Fat to Wear Prints?

Spoiler alert: you’re not. I know, we’ve heard for so long that women above a certain size shouldn’t wear prints. But those people are wrong. I will admit that prints can be scary and sometimes throwing on a solid is just easier. So I  use three benchmarks to make wearing prints simpler. These are the things I keep in mind when deciding when or how to venture from the solid items:

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For the Nursing Mama Lovelies

Nursing friendly tops, and especially dresses can be very hard to come by. Here are some tips for finding pieces that are already nursing friendly or can be early altered.   How do I dress my nursing body shape? When you’re nursing your bust measurement will increase and if you’re not used to dressing that body shape it can be overwhelming. This can also cause your clothes to not fit on top or make you a different size on top and on bottom. This is actually quite a common issue that plenty of women have even when not nursing (read more about being a different size on top and on bottom here) and the basic rules of thumb is to...

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How to Style Your Way to More Clothes

One of my favorite magic tricks is taking the same piece of clothing and working it in two dramatically different ways. I find power in knowing that my clothes are mine to control, not the other way around. Mussie Epstein shows us how it's done.

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