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Glad That We Have it, Sad That We Need It- Am Yisrael Chai line update

Rivky goes solo to give a quick update on the Am Yisrael Chai line and a peek into what’s been happening inside her head. Click here to get your Am Yisrael Chai T-shirt Click here to see my collection of dresses. Click here to get an Impact Fashion Gift Card Click here to get the Am Yisrael Chai crewneck. Click here to join the Impact Fashion Whatsapp Status

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Getting You with Nicole Russo

Rivky sits down with stylist Nicole Russo to discuss her work. She shares how stress and depression affected her body image heading into college, Why she decided to leave her glitzy fashion styling job, and they work though one of Rivky's major insecurities in real time.

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Designer Smiles with Dr. Victoria Veytsman

I sit down with cosmetic dentist  Dr. Victoria Veytsman to discuss oral health and beauty. She shares her thoughts on confidence and altering your face, how beauty standards factor into her work, what pro-aging dentistry looks like and how she has built her own confidence.

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The Ribbon Dress- Special Solo Episode!

I go solo to talk about the process behind my newest design, The Ribbon dress. I’ll share how I’ve been approaching designing differently over the last 6 months, what it looks like when you translate a corset into a modest design, and what went wrong along the way.

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Reclaiming Dignity with Bracha Poliakoff

I sit down with Bracha Poliakoff, the author of Reclaiming Dignity. to discuss tznius. She shares the importance of having women’s voices, experiences and Torah wisdom in the book, how society plays a role in what values get passed on in tznius education and the problem with putting so much emphasis on clothing.

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