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Missed Expectations with Dr. Aimee Baron (2022)

I talk with Dr. Aimee Baron, a pediatrician and the founder of I Was Supposed To Have A Baby, about her infertility journey. She shares the work she did to accept the fact that her family wouldn’t look the way she imagined after suffering multiple miscarriages and how we can better support those around us in the infertility community.

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The 5th Date Dress- Special Solo Episode!

I go solo to share the process of creating The 5th Date dress, The first piece in my line available in sizes XS-3X. I discuss why this size range is somimportant, why I chose to do it with this universally flattering style and modest dressing in summer heat.

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Intergenerational Resilience with Nechama Birnbaum

I sit down with Nechama Birnabum, an author and fellow granddaughter of Holocaust survivors, to discuss her grandmother’s story. She shares why she saw her grandmother Rosie as a perfect character, why she felt it was important to tell the good parts of Rosie’s holocaust story, and the importance of centering a Jewish girl who saves herself.

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Sophisticated Answers with Kylie Ora Lobell

I sit down with storyteller and convert Kylie Ora Lobell to discuss her journey. She shares how she came into her own as a writer, her experience interning at The Daily Show with Jon Stewart, meeting her Jewish husband and working through his pain with religiosity and why she thinks it’s important for orthodox people to make art.

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A Sherpa with Miri Grunhaus

I sit down with Miri Grunhaus of Mikah Fashion to discuss her life. She shares how a major life challenge led her to leave a successful advertising agency for fashion, the difficulties with being closely associated with a strong visual identity, and how dealing with her husbands medical episodes has affected their relationship.

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