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Real Life Pesach Cooking with Miriam (Pascal) Cohen

Rivky sits down with prolific cookbook author Miriam Pascal to talk about her newest book for Pesach. Miriam shares why she felt the need to make a Pesach cookbook, how her own restrictive Pesach customs growing up shaped her view on Pesach cooking, the changes she’s seen in the kosher food blogging industry over the last 12 years, and why she wanted to get the cover of her cookbook approved.

Miriam (Pascal) Cohen is the founder of, one of the world's leading destinations for kosher recipes, with hundreds of thousands of monthly visitors. A self taught cook and baker, Miram shares her passion for recipes, food and photography on her website, as well as in her popular food column in Mishpacha Magazine's Family Table. Her work has been featured by numerous national magazines and other media.


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