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My Brother in Law Needs a Kidney/A Piece of Me with Aviva Breda (2020)

My brother in law is in urgent need of a kidney donor. To learn more about kidney donation or to see if you are a match, email or call 718-431-9831 Ext. 209

Rivky talks with kidney donor Aviva Breda about the journey she took towards donating a part of her body to a stranger, she shares the common misconceptions around the backup kidney and what was going through her head the morning of her surgery.

Aviva Breda is a 38 year old mother of three. She lives in Teaneck NJ where she runs her own business, Aviva Breda Consulting, specializing in personal shopping  and style consulting. When not working or busy with her family, Aviva spends her time  reading, taking barre classes, and speaking about the importance of kidney donation awareness. To learn more about Aviva and her story check her out on Instagram @avivabreda or email her at


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