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In the Shop with Rechy Rosenthal

I talk with Rechy Rosenthal, a lingerie shop owner, about how her husbands project slowly became her passion. We discuss the space cute bras and lingerie have in the orthodox community, why her training process is so extensive and why she truly couldn’t care less what you think.

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A Niggly Feeling with Malkie Knopfler

I talk with Malkie Knopfler, a comedian and entertainer, about her career. She tells us about her first gig, and quitting her first job with absolutely no plan. She also share the process of finding her voice in Kosher media and what she hopes to accomplish with the movies she makes.

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Liquid Courage with Talya Bendel

I talk with Talya Bendel, who is one year alcohol-free, about her journey. We discuss how alcoholism is perceived differently for men and women, how to recognize the signs in the people around you and what to do about it

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Breaking Chains with Rifka Meyer

I chat with Rifka, who was stuck in Orthodox Jewish divorce proceedings for nearly a decade. She shares what it felt like to have her life on hold, how an Instagram campaign led to her finally getting that important document and how that led her to start Gett Out, an organization devoted to helping women in the same situation she was in.

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