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Let's Talk BRCA with Elana Silber of Sharsheret

For breast cancer awareness month I talk with Elana Silber, the CEO of Sharsheret. She shares what we need to know about our own risk for developing breast and ovarian cancers and what we can do about it, what the Holocaust has to do with cancer, and we discuss genetic testing for cancer risk.

Elana Silber, MBA, Chief Executive Officer, is a graduate of the Mount Sinai Hospital/CUNY Masters in Business Administration Program and a graduate of Yeshiva Universtiy's Stern College for Women. She joined the organization as a volunteer in its earliest days and has been a staff member since 2003. Elana has led Sharsheret’s growth from a handful of volunteers to a national organization and today has overall strategic and operational responsibility for Sharsheret’s staff, programs, and growth nationwide. Elana serves as Chair of the Federal Advisory Committee on Breast Cancer in Young Women, providing advice and guidance to the Secretary, HHS, and the Director, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, regarding the formative research, development, implementation and evaluation of evidence-based activities designed to prevent breast cancer (particularly among those at heightened risk) and promote the early detection and support of young women who develop the disease.



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