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Abundant Giving with Orly Wahba

I talk with Orly Wahba, the head of global non profit Life Vest Inside, about a promise she made to herself at 15. She shares how she created the viral video that got Life Vest Inside off the ground, why we tend to put dreams on a pedestal instead of pursuing them, and her new project, Abraham’s legacy, an app that is revolutionizing the way we pray.

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True Original with Sarah Shagalow

I chat with Sarah, a high quality shoe designer, about what it was like to grow up around beautiful leather in Italy. She shares how she started her brand, what it’s like to run a business through a pandemic and how she deals with imitations of her designs.

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Eyes Open with Gitel Rosenzweig

I chat with Gitel Rosenzweig, a hair and wig stylist, about what it’s like to find a passion in a less than ideal life situation, she shares what she wishes we all knew about our wigs, why the technical details are really where it’s at, and we discuss the emotional side of hair covering.

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Extraordinarily Ordinary with Shira Lankin Sheps

I chat with Shira Lankin Sheps, a photojournalist and author, about her new book. She shares how chronic illness led to her first anonymous writing pieces, why she believes everyone has a story and the heaviness of holding her subject’s pain for the years long process of writing The Layers Project book.

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