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On Adopting with Chavie Bruk

I talk with Chavie Bruk,an adoptive Mom, about the circumstances surrounding her children’s adoption. She shares what it’s like to feel connected to an infant she hadn’t birthed, how that changed when they got older, and how she manages when one of her children says she doesn’t want to be a part of the family.

Chavie Bruk was raised in San Antonio, studied at Chicago’s Lubavitch Girls High School and graduated from Beth Chana Seminary in Tzfat, Israel. In 2006 she married Rabbi Chaim and one year later they founded Chabad Lubavitch of Montana in Bozeman. They’ve adopted five precious children, have built Montana’s only Mikvah and love hosting Jews of all flavors at their Shabbos table.  Chavie loves sharing her journey on her blog www.ClearasMud.Blog and on Instagram @ChavieBruk and enjoys teaching Tanya, the heart of Jewish mysticism, to women around the world.

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