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Footless but Full with Jo Beckwith

I talk with Jo Beckwith, a motivational speaker and amputee about what it was like to decide to amputate her ankle earlier than she technically had to. She shares the yearlong process of making this decision, the process of grieving her foot, and why she thinks it’s important to educate the general public on what life as an amputee is actually like.

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Starting Over with Kate Harvie

I talk with Kate Harvie, an author and accident survivor, about the Traumatic Brain Injury that changed her life. She shares What it was like to be told she couldn’t go home, the spiral of telling yourself stories in your own head and why being so grateful to be alive didn’t necessarily work in her favor.

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Every Family is Whole with Shterny Steinmetz

I talk with Shterny Steinmetz, a CMO, mom, and community organizer about her time as a single parent. She shares the support she wished she got in the early stages of single motherhood, why she believes people are hesitant to support children of divorce, and how a Chanukah party led to My Extended Family, an organization supporting children of single parent homes.

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Warrior with Liba Yoffe

I talk with Liba Yoffe, a fitness instructor and American Ninja Warrior contestant, about how she wanted to be a trainer who did more. She shares her opinions on the supposed dichotomy between modesty and fitness, the blocks that keep people from achieving their fitness dreams, and how she dealt with some very public failure.

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