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The Whole Person with Jill Sharfman

I talk with Jill Sharfman, a holistic nutritionist and podcast host about her career. She shares the simple question that spurred her life pivot, the process of finding her strength in nutrition education, and what goes into her podcast, Let my People Eat.

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Unapologetic with Adele Beiny

I talk with Adele Beiny, a lifestyle blogger, about the two divorces that shaped her life, she shares what her job in facial aesthetics taught her about the way we see ourselves, the difficult time when her son went to live with his dad, and how she cultivates confidence.

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Milk & Chocolate with Shevi Samet

I talk with Shevi Samet, a Jewish women’s educator, about why she wishes we were a bit more curious about our relationships. She shares what real peace looks like, the conversations we should have about conversations, and how we cultivate the most important relationship of all- the one with ourselves.

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Helping Hands with Leah Freier-Levine

I talk with Leah Freier-Levine, a passionate COO, about how her family initially got involved with Ezras Nashim, an all female EMT group. She shares the decision to take the high road, the prank calls, the pushback, and the importance of choice.

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You Owe Your Body with Esther Taub

I talk with Esther Taub, a personal trainer, about that time she thought she signed up for a gym class, how that led her to transition from a totally sedentary lifestyle to her current career and how her pregnancy changed her approach to mental and physical health forever.

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