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Reassessing Limits with Anna Sherman

I talk with Anna Sherman, a psychotherapist about what is was like to be the only Jewish family in her neighborhood growing up. She shares how that formed a core limiting belief in her head, the unhealthy friendships she was drawn to, and what the process of letting go of those limiting beliefs was like.

Anna Sherman is a Registered Psychotherapist, Maternal Mental Health Practitioner, Clinical Supervisor and author, working with individuals, couples and families.
She helps clients to heal and overcome trauma, fears and emotional blocks in their lives and relationships by building skills and tools to help them help themselves!
Anna loves working with new moms and helping women to live empowered lives.  She enjoys giving lectures and workshops on mental health, relationships and Torah-psychology.
Anna is the author of the Empowered Woman’s Journal, a guided therapeutic journal for women looking to live authentic and intentional lives.
She lives and practices in Toronto, Ontario with her husband and twin daughters.
If you would like to get in touch with Anna about about a session or speaking engagement, please visit her website at:
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