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Family History with Shayna Greenfeild

I talk with Shayna Greenfield, someone with a strong family history of cancer, about her story. She shares what her testing process was like, goes in depth on the details of her surgery and her thoughts now, decades after she made this decision.

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Peace of Mind with Natalie Hirschel

I talk with Natalie Hirschel, who has the BRCA2 mutation about her story. She shares how she dealt with her complete shock of a diagnosis, why she opted for a preventative double mastectomy, what it was like to tell her parents, and how she learned to accept help during recovery.

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It's Be Impactful's 3rd Birthday!

On this special anniversary episode we celebrate the third birthday of this podcast! I’ll share my thoughts on this milestone and some of my favorite and the most important bits of the episodes from this past year. Thank you to everyone who came on the show and listened over this past year. Without you, I'd just be a girl talking to her computer.

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A Practical Pivot with Meg Keene

I talk with Meg Keene, an author,entrepreneur and pivot master about her path. She shares what it was like to give up her theatre dreams after realizing she simply wasn’t good enough, intentionally launching her first business, what it’s like to out-earn her husband and have people assume her job is just a hobby, and her newest project, Big Idea Blueprint.

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Death with Dignity with Sarah Rivkah Kohn

I talk with Sarah Rivkah Kohn, the founder of Links, about how her work supporting grieving children has changed since covid. She shares what happens when a global pandemic leaves behind a lot of orphans, why she feels it’s important the messaging she puts out in fundraising aligns with the messages she gives the kids, and the logistics of how a fundraising campaign comes together

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