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It's Be Impactful's Fourth Birthday!

On this special anniversary episode we celebrate the fourth birthday of this podcast! I’ll share my thoughts on this milestone and some of my favorite and the most important bits of the episodes from this past year.

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Processing Trauma with Esther Goldstein, LCSW

I sit down with  trauma therapist Esther Goldstein to figure out how to process a war on our people. We discuss why watching graphic photos and videos is so harmful, especially to children, the importance of regulating our nervous systems and practical exercises along with what to do if you’ve seen something you wish you hadn’t.

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Life, Work and Loss with Miri Friedman

I sit down with  Miri Friedman, a mom, wife, and actuary to chat about her life and career. She shares how she knew she wanted to be an actuary, and how working through the actuary exams has changed her perspective on failure. We also discuss how her life was upended by a still birth and the organization she founded in her daughter’s memory, Kesser Menucha.

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Motherless Shoppers with Sarah Rivkah Kohn & Bruchy Grosinger

I sit down with Sarah Rivkah Kohn, the founder of Links, and Bruchy Grosinger, the director of Dress Me, to discuss their incredible work. We discuss how Links has evolved and responded to their families needs over the years, why I specifically choose to direct all of my brand's charity to Dress Me and Links and what it’s like to clothing shop without a mother.

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