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Invest in Yourself with Dr. Elissa Hellman

I talk with Dr. Elissa Hellman, OB-GYN, about the assumptions that doctors make about orthodox patients. She shares tips for getting over the stress and nervousness of going to the gynecologist, the safe place that is her office  and the things we should all know about how our bodies work.

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Scrutiny with Adina Miles-Sash

I talk with Adina Miles-Sash,an activist and public figure, about how she reverse engineered eyeballs to break into the marketing world. She shares why she’s so passionate about women’s faces in print, the stance she regrets taking, her relationship with online vitriol and I ask if she just wants attention.

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Bouncing Homes with Betty Gulko

I talk with Betty Gulko, a life coach and blogger, about what it was like growing up in and out of foster care. She shares her experiences being moved around from home to home, finding the community that took her in, getting formally adopted at 19 and what all that meant as she was moving into motherhood.

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Know Your Options with Dr. Eliana Fine

I talk with Dr. Eliana Fine, an Orthodox Female Physician and founder of JOWMA, about the biggest challenges facing Orthodox women who choose to pursue careers in medicine. She shares the importance of community, why its vital for women to understand the medical decisions they make for their families, and how a measles outbreak led to an entire organization.

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Above the Noise with Kayla Haber Goldstein

I talk with Kayla Haber Goldstein, a soon to be published author and overall curious Jew, about how she learned at a young age to solve problem without thinking emotionally. She shares her three step plan for ending the agunah crisis, and we have a frank discussion around lace top wigs and women’s place in Jewish law.

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