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A Practical Pivot with Meg Keene

I talk with Meg Keene, an author,entrepreneur and pivot master about her path. She shares what it was like to give up her theatre dreams after realizing she simply wasn’t good enough, intentionally launching her first business, what it’s like to out-earn her husband and have people assume her job is just a hobby, and her newest project, Big Idea Blueprint.

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Death with Dignity with Sarah Rivkah Kohn

I talk with Sarah Rivkah Kohn, the founder of Links, about how her work supporting grieving children has changed since covid. She shares what happens when a global pandemic leaves behind a lot of orphans, why she feels it’s important the messaging she puts out in fundraising aligns with the messages she gives the kids, and the logistics of how a fundraising campaign comes together

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Build on Wisdom with Nurit Siegal

I talk with Nurit Siegal, a writer and scholar, about her work. She shares what it was like to struggle with a language issue as a child, her pivot from radical feminist to Orthodox Jew, why she’s not interested in reconciling those two worlds, and we discuss antisemitism in the modern age in a historical context

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The Pause Dress- Special Solo Episode

I go solo to talk about The Pause Dress. I share how I feel about the pressure to maximize anytime spent away from my family, the time management system that allows me small moments of pause and the process of creating my newest design.

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Artistry with Yaeli Vogel

I talk with Yaeli Vogel, an artist, about her work. She shares how she found her own way in the creative arts field, her fascination with business, how her products make her art more accessible, and the process of bringing them to market. Plus we discuss the difference between copying and being inspired when making creative works.

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