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The Eating Disorder Voice with Esther Rubinstein

I talk with Esther Brocha Rubinstein, an eating disorder survivor, about her recovery. She shares how determination to not gain weight in seminary led to a full blown eating disorder, what it's like to believe that you don’t deserve to eat, what led her to finally get treatment and how she’s doing now.

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Pushing Through- Special Solo Episode!

I go solo to reflect on a year of offering preorders on my designs. I share what it was like to give up the handwritten notes I love, what I learnt from the sizes that were preordered, my focus on pieces rather than collections and my picks for the holiday.

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Frum Finances Part 2 with Etty Surkis

On the second part of my conversation about money with Etty Surkis,the CEO of Excelsum Capital, we discuss how to go about saving, the emotional side of money, the reality of living outside of community norms and how to get kids accustomed to living within their means

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Frum Finances Part 1 with Etty Surkis

I talk with Etty Surkis, the CEO of Excelsum Capital, about money. We discuss why optimism can be a bad thing, how to set up a value based financial plan to get the most out of your money, the humane way to tackle debt, and what responsible credit card usage looks like.

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Having Voice with Dr. Shana Frydman (2021)

One year after we wore #pinkforchava, I revisit a talk with Dr. Shana Frydman, the director of Shalom Task Force. She shares what it is and isn’t domestic violence, the importance of having voice in a relationship, the barriers survivors have to leaving, and what the community can do to help.

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