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Build with your Words with Tzipora Grodko

Rivky sits down with singles advocate Tzipora Grodko to talk about the state of our dating world. She shares how old she was when she began worrying about her singleness, and when she noticed people started treating her differently. Plus how she reacts to ‘that’s why she’s still single’ and what to do with the daters in your life that you feel are just being too picky.

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An Intentional Oasis with Blimie Hindy of Japparel

Rivky sits down with Blimie Hindy, the owner of Japparel, to talk shop. She shares how her husbands idea for a clothing business ended up becoming her full time job, knowing when to hire and delegate, her journey towards making her collection more inclusive, and how covid changed the business all over again.

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A Happy Ending with Mindy Blumenfeld, LCSW

Rivky sits down with Mindy Blumenfeld, LCSW, a therapist and writer,  to discuss her newest book based on her experiences having a son in the hospital with brain cancer. She shares why she loves hospitals, why it was important to her not to keep her son's illness a secret, and why it's important to say brain tumor explicitly.

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Magical Mendy with Menucha Cooper

Rivky sits down with Menucha Cooper, Mendy's Mom. Mendy has Angelman Syndrome. Menucha shares what they noticed in their Mendy early on that led to a diagnosis, the decision to celebrate the child God has given them, why representation is important, and what to do when you’re not sure what to say in front of a special needs child.

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Ignorance & Delusion with my Mom

On this special Mother’s Day show Rivky sits down with her Mom! They discuss the dress from my collection her mom just doesn’t get, and the styles she has that nobody else does, a recent dressing room experience she had, why Rivky didn’t want to date so much, and how we deal with self doubt and cultivating confidence.

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