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Invest in Yourself with Dr. Elissa Hellman

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I talk with Dr. Elissa Hellman, OB-GYN, about the assumptions that doctors make about orthodox patients. She shares tips for getting over the stress and nervousness of going to the gynecologist, the safe place that is her office  and the things we should all know about how our bodies work.

As an experienced board-certified OBGYN, Dr. Elissa Hellman has been in clinical practice for over ten years.  She is also the physician at The Confident Kallah, a telemedicine gynecology practice focused on the needs of Jewish women who observe Taharas Hamishpacha.  Throughout her years as a clinician, she noticed a gap in women's health awareness and education.  This developed into a special interest in patient education and being a resource for the Jewish community in relation to body awareness and women's preventative health, starting from a young age.


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