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How to Dress a Teenager

Being a teenager is HARD. There’s lots to keep track of in life and existing in a constantly changing body isn’t simple. Here are my top tips for how to get dressed as a teenager.

First a little secret- not all bodies are the same. In any stage of life you’re going to encounter body diversity and that’s a wonderful thing. Just remember that there’s no one right way to have a body and instead focus on feeling comfortable in yours.

Shape over size, every time

If you’ve read this blog post you already know that body size and body shape are not the same thing and that body shape is so much more important to how you get dressed than your size. In this stage of life your body is constantly changing so expect to need to revaluate your body shape every few months until you settle into your body on the other side of puberty.

Have a good bra

Especially while your body is changing and your girls are figuring themselves out, you’re going to want to give them the proper support so you can be as comfortable as possible. There’s a great post on the blog about all things bras, read it here.

Make trends work for you

Once you’ve figured out your body shape and explored all the best ways to dress it, you may find that the trendy thing everyone else in school in wearing is objectively awful on you. That’s ok. Instead of blindly following a trend that leaves you feeling gross, instead incorporate a small aspect of it into your wardrobe.  For example, if everyone is wearing ditsy floral flowy prairie dresses but you know that straight skirts are what make you feel amazing then get a top, headband or scrunchie with a ditsy floral print and leave the flowy skirt behind.

This way you too can look back on high school photos and wonder ‘what the hell were we all thinking?!’

Some final wisdom

Nobody looks back on their middle/high school selves and feels fantastic about what they see. We all see an awkward stage and someone who is still coming into her own- and there’s something truly lovely about that. There is nothing sadder than someone who peaks in high school. So go forth and be your fabulous self, I promise life only gets better from here.