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Your body shape has nothing to do with your weight!

We all know that bodies come in different shapes and sizes, but there’s a big difference between the two. Understanding that difference can really improve the way you shop, eliminating heartache along the way.

These two shapes are the same size. The diameter of the circle is exactly the same length as a side of the square.

circle  and square

But if I were to layer the circle on top of the square it wouldn’t cover the entire square properly. 

circle on top of skirtI could make the circle bigger or the square smaller. Then the circle will cover the square but it’ll never have those nice sharp corners we all love about squares!

square inside circle

And that right there is the difference. If two things are not the same shape, even if they are the same size, and even if you make one of them bigger, they will never properly cover each other. In other words they won’t fit.

So how does this translate to our clothes?

Each of us has a body shape that is completely independent of our size. I could lose or gain 45 pounds and the widest part of me will always be my butt. It’s just the way I’m built.

The main takeaway here is that you need to shop for your shape as much as your size. Understanding your own body shape and what flatters you will make it a lot easier to achieve that perfect fit. In a lot of ways, your shape is much more important than your size.

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