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Tznius Modest Clothes in Jewish and Non-Jewish Stores

As online shopping becomes more and more popular – and stores are increasingly inclusive of different types of customers – it’s become easier to find tzinus modest clothes. From Jewish stores to non-Jewish stores, there are a variety of modest clothing being offered to consumers.

If you’re looking to expand your modest wardrobe, check out your options in these stores and find the ideal outfit for any occasion.


Macy’s sells a number of brands that offer modest clothing at a decent price point. You can find skirts, shirts and dresses, and pair them with the store’s wide selection of tights, socks and shoes. Some examples of tznius clothes at Macy’s include the Crossover-Hem Midi Dress from Tommy Hilfiger and the Anne Klein Women's Satin Pleated Pull-On Midi Skirt.  

Impact Fashion

One of the most popular frum clothing stores online is Impact Fashion, which sells casual and high-end modest clothing for women of all sizes. Featuring XS-3X, plus tzinus plus sized clothing, Impact Fashion is very inclusive and trendy. Their Snuggle Dress, an upgraded version of the classic sweater dress, is a great option for fall or wintertime. And if you need a winter modest formal dress, the Piping Dress, an A-line dress with piping details is sure to fit the bill.


When it comes to frum clothing stores online, you probably wouldn’t think of Amazon. However, the e-commerce store has a wide variety of modest clothing at different price points. Plus, you can customize your search and easily find exactly what you need. For instance, if you type in “Modest long-sleeve dress,” you’ll find this DB Moon dress that has over 14,000 positive reviews. Also, if you want to support a frum brand, ESTEEZ, which has modest skirts, tops, dresses, leggings and sleepwear, is a great choice on Amazon. Make sure you always read the reviews on Amazon, as product pictures are not as reliable as customer testimonies. 


Yes, your favorite store also sells frum women’s clothing. Check out this Universal Thread Rib Pullover, which comes in XS-XXL and colors like cream, black, and green. This cute A-Line dress from Knox Rose can be paired with some cute boots and a black hairband to give your outfit extra flair.

Miss Finch NYC

A tzinius clothing store with dresses, tops, bottoms, and sets, Miss Finch NY has fashionable items for year-round use. For instance, the Sky Blue Pleated Mini dress is fashionable and comfortable during the fall and winter, while the simple but pretty Mock Button Self Tie Midi Dress can be worn as a summer or winter dress.


Nordstrom has casual and high-end tzinus women’s clothing for all types of occasions. You can shop their large selection of pencil skirts for your business casual meeting or find the right long-sleeve dress for an upcoming simcha. And if something isn’t perfectly modest, you can always pair it with a shell or a jacket.  

Finding the Perfect Modest Clothing

You can find the perfect modest clothing online in tzinus clothing stores and beyond. Just make sure that when buying online, the store has a solid return or exchange policy. Happy shopping!

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