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What is the Meaning of Tznius Clothing?

Dressing modestly is becoming more and more popular, as evidenced by the amount of mainstream stores that are now carrying these types of clothes. For Jewish women, finding tznius clothing is important not only to uphold the Jewish laws, but also to feel beautiful inside and out. 

Here’s a deeper dive into tznius clothing, as well as information on where you can find it.

The Meaning of Tznius 

Being tznius, or modest, is not just about what you wear – and it doesn’t just apply to women. It’s about having humility and dignity and allowing your inner self and beautiful soul to shine. When it comes to women’s clothing, we don’t focus on covering up. Instead, we focus on revealing our true selves and letting our actions and mitzvot speak for themselves. Every woman is a queen, and by dressing in tznius clothing, we can fulfill our mission to bring light into the world and connect with Hashem.

What Is Tznius Clothing?

Tznius clothing is clothing you wear that adheres to Jewish law. Women choose how they adhere to the law and customs within their communities. For instance, married women cover their hair in a variety of ways, and some women choose to wear tights or high socks to cover their legs, along with skirts that go below the knee. Modest Jewish women’s clothing stores also sell shirts that cover your elbows and neckline. 

While some women choose to wear bright colors, others keep it more muted. It just depends on your level of comfort and how you want to express yourself. Additionally, even if you find a non-tzinus item in the store, you can always modify it or wear it with other clothes to make it more modest. For instance, you can get a shell to go under a short sleeve shirt; a shell is an undershirt that matches the main shirt. There are stores specifically devoted to shells, like The Shell Station in New York. 

These days, there are so many varieties of tznius clothing available. The good news is that many women who are not religious are now dressing modestly as well, so all types of stores carry this clothing. You can go online or to a store and find casual and upscale modest women’s clothing to fill your closet and present your best self to others. 

Where to Find Tznius Clothing

You can find tznius modest clothing at retailers including Target, Amazon, Macy’s, Ann Taylor, Old Navy, J. Crew, TJ Maxx, Marshalls, and Nordstrom. But really, you can make clothing more tznius by modifying it at home if you find a design and style you really love.

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