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Learn your shape and how to flatter it

We’ve already spent some time here talking about the difference between size and shape. Now that you’re clear on that, let’s talk about how to determine your shape and go about choosing flattering styles from there.

Bodies come in infinite shapes and sizes, but they mainly fall into four groups:

 body shape chart

  • Rectangle- bust, waist, and hips are of a similar width
  • Triangle- a wider hip, slightly smaller waist, and even smaller bust
  • Hourglass- an evenly balanced bust and hip with a smaller waist
  • Inverted Triangle- A wider bust, smaller waist, and even smaller hips

Determining your body shape is really simple- just look in the mirror! Here’s how:

  1. Get into your birthday suit and stand in front of the mirror.
  2. Say ‘damn girl you look gooooood’. (Even if you don’t believe it, especially if you don’t believe it.)
  3. Just observe yourself. Where are you thinnest? Where are you widest? Is it your bust/upper arms? Your thighs/hips? Pay attention to how your curves look in relation to the rest of your body, not where you feel fat or flabby. Remember that this is about shape, NOT SIZE.

So once you’ve determined your shape, how do you know which styles will work for you? 

I’m going to pause for a moment here and say that I actually did not want to write this part of the article. I personally feel that if you love something you should wear it, and confidence is the best accessory. I shared that contradiction with the Impact Fashion Instagram community and the overwhelming response was that this was needed in the universe and would make your lives easier. So here I am! Just remember that these are guidelines, not hard and fast rules. Use them as a springboard and don’t forget to let your captivating personality be the real star.

The magical word that you want to keep in mind is BALANCE.

BALANCE your body by adding details or volume where you are smallest and keeping it simpler where you are widest.

Take me for example. I’m a classic triangle. that means I carry my weight mostly around my hips and butt. So clothes that flatter the hipline and have a tight straight silhouette are always going to be my closet staples. The Blossom Dress and Snuggle Dress are great examples of that. Notice how the details on these styles are more concentrated above the waistline? That's what makes them perfect for triangle shapes like me.  See other styles perfect for triangle shapes here.


Inverted triangle shapes will most likely benefit from adding detail and volume to the bottom half of an outfit, and keeping it simple on top. The Most Perfect Pleated Skirt, and Slip Dress all have fun bottoms and make a good jumping off point for you. See other styles perfect for inverted triangle shapes here.


If you’re an hourglass shape, you’re pretty evenly balanced between your bust and hips. So maintain that balance by emphasizing your waist. Belts are your best friends, so are any outfits that have extra detailing around the midsection. The Flutter DressOrigami Dress, and Little Ruffle Dress will most likely look great on you. See other styles perfect for hourglass shapes here.
All my rectangle shaped beauties are probably pretty confused by now. If I’m the same width all the way down, what do I do? How do I balance something that’s already even?
Well, you get to choose! And you can choose something different every day if you’d like! What you are going to do is create the illusion of curves by emphasizing one part of your body. Belts or waist details are a great tool to have in your arsenal. Styles like The All America Dress and The Ready Topper will also work with your body nicely. You might require a bit more experimentation but I promise you will get there! See other styles perfect for rectangle shapes here.
I hope this helps you shop a bit easier guides you in the right direction- just remember that rules are meant to be broken and if you love it- wear it with a megawatt smile!