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For the Nursing Mama Lovelies

Nursing friendly tops, and especially dresses can be very hard to come by. Here are some tips for finding pieces that are already nursing friendly or can be early altered.


How do I dress my nursing body shape?

When you’re nursing your bust measurement will increase and if you’re not used to dressing that body shape it can be overwhelming. This can also cause your clothes to not fit on top or make you a different size on top and on bottom. This is actually quite a common issue that plenty of women have even when not nursing (read more about being a different size on top and on bottom here) and the basic rules of thumb is to get something that fits at your widest part and then alter accordingly.

How do I find nice nursing clothes?

It’s hard. There aren’t really a lot of nice options, especially in an inclusive size range. Right now, I’m not working on putting out a nursing specific style but that doesn’t mean I’ve forgotten about the Nursing Mama Lovelies.

At checkout, I have a little checkbox you can mark off that will add a perfectly matched set of zippers to your order for $5. Nursing zippers are already in a weird spot and we don’t need them to stick out. I work hard to carefully color match every zipper so it blends in perfectly.

screenshot of cart with checkbox for nursing zipper addition

When you check that box (see it on the bottom right?) I’ll also include a card with instructions for your seamstress on exactly how to install them so they are discreet and will allow you to nurse or pump without getting undressed.


Sounds cool, will this work on any dress?

different colored zippers labeled with which dress they match to for nursing alteration

While in theory you could put a zipper in the side seam of any dress, I don’t recommend it for every style. You want something that has a little more give either in the cut or the fabric so there’s room for your baby or pump to fit inside comfortably. Click here for a list of items I think are great candidates for a nursing alteration.


I hope this helps you Nursing Mama Lovelies and makes your lives easier. If you have any questions feel free to send me an email at and I’ll be happy to help you out.


Here’s to making an Impact together!