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What To Do If Your Measurements Are Not A Size?

Probably the most common questions I get are around size. How do I know my size? What if I get my size wrong? Do different styles run differently?

The short answer to those simple questions are you take your measurements, if you get it wrong you return it for free, and all of my styles use the exact same measurements. Once you know your size that is your size for every single garment.


Things get a bit trickier when you have your measurements and they don’t match up to a size on the chart. So here’s what to do when that happens:

  1. Double check your measurements. Watch the video on the sizing page and make sure the information you’re dealing with is accurate.
  2. As a rule of thumb, always size up. It is way easier to take something in then to let it out (which is sometimes not possible). This means that if your bust is a size 16 and your hips and waist are a size 14, order the 16 and have the skirt tailored to fit you properly.
  3. If your hips are a size or two larger than your bust & waist, and the style you’re interested in has a flared skirt, order according to your bust size. The fuller skirt will have room for your hips.

Those are the three main steps, and should work most of the time. If your bust or hips are more than 3 sizes larger than your waist, you may want to think about having a custom design made.

I've made a list of the pieces in my collection that are perfect for those who are not a size, see it here.


Choosing your size can seem like a stressful decision, but with 100% free returns on ever order, it doesn’t have to be. If you’re deciding between 2 or even 3 different sizes, order them all! You can try them on in the comfort of your own home and send back the garments that don’t work for you for free.


I hope this helps de-mystify sizing, if you have specific questions about certain garments based on your own measurements, reach out to me here.