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You Owe Your Body with Esther Taub

My name is Esther Taub Schlesinger. I am the leading English speaking Personal Trainer in the beautiful country of Israel! Throughout my 9 years in the field I have had the privilege of helping several thousands of woman reach their health goals. I started my business by giving small Kickboxing classes in my apartment, and eventually it transitioned to personal training around 5-11 personal training sessions every day, 6 days a week! About a year ago I moved my business online - I created a worldwide majorly successful fitness subscription program called “LIFESTYLE”. The LIFESTYLE subscription is a highly popular elite online program designed to help you become the healthiest version of yourself, no matter your fitness level. It includes a private Facebook group and detailed meal plan with over 40 delicious recipes. We currently have almost 200 amazing women in the program and I truly have the most amazing time getting to help all these incredible women change their lives for the better!!

You can find me on Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, or Youtube at: Esther Taub Fitness




TikTok: @esthertaubfitness

If you’d like to join hundreds of women who are changing their lives for the better, join the LIFESTYLE program through my website:

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