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Unspoken Cartooning with Chari Pere

Rivky sits down with Chari Pere, a cartooner using her craft to bring awareness around miscarriage and other taboo topics. Chari shares about all the feelings she had during her miscarriage, finding out how common it was only once she was experiencing it and the anxiety of a pregnancy following loss.

Chari Pere, creator of Miscarried: An Unspoken Cartoonmentary, worked as a creative director and illustrator/storyboard artist on projects for Red Bull, Jockey, Disney, Comedy Central, and Bud Light. She has created content for The Washington Post's The Lily and Mad Magazine and has collaborated with NYT bestselling author Gretchen Rubin and actress Mayim Bialik. She launched the "Unspoken" Cartoon series as part of the 2024 Jewish Writers' Initiative Digital Storytellers Lab Fellowship.

Miscarried Cartoonmentary on Youtube

Michael's Miscarriage Trailer on Youtube

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