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Hi, I'm Rivky Itzkowitz I’m the founder and designer of Impact Fashion and I’m the host here at Be Impactful, the show about women making an Impact in their own corners of the world.

I started Impact Fashion in November of 2016 so that the modest minded women in my community could feel empowered to put their best foot forward every day, regardless of their size. In the process of growing my business I’ve been fortunate enough to connect with women of all different types and from all different fields. And the main lesson I’ve learnt is that we are all just improvising.

We’re going around doing the best we can with what we’ve got, feeling self conscious about what everyone else is accomplishing. The truth is, the people who you’re looking over your shoulder at are probably doing the exact same thing to someone else. So let’s talk about the real nitty gritty in our lives and journeys and lift each other up by being just a bit more open. Join me and my guests as we try to figure out what it means to be impactful. LAUNCHING OCTOBER 28TH