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The Boys Club with Yael Braun

Mrs. Yael Braun is an advocate, the first toeiness in the United States, and the founder of Superior Family Liaison Services. In addition to fiercely representing her clients in Bais Din, Mrs. Braun flawlessly bridges the gap between Rabonim, askonim, mediators, arbitrators, attorneys, and her clients. Her knowledge, experience, and professionalism gives her the expertise to best guide her clients on every aspect of their marital dispute. Mrs. Braun is widely acknowledged as an unmatched champion for the rights of her clients. Mrs. Braun will do everything needed to insure her clients are properly advocated for in Bais Din, mediation, and arbitration. With her deep compassion and unwavering attention to detail, she navigates her clients through the unsettling time of getting divorced. 
Mrs. Braun’s creativity, outside of the box thinking, loyalty, and dedication to her clients remains unmatched.

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