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Tackling Mental Health With Rachel Tuchman & Alyssa Goldwater: Stigma

Rachel Tuchman, LMHC and I are joined by Alyssa Goldwater to wrap up our winter long mental health series with a discussion on stigma. We discuss the difference between mental health and mental illness, the hypocrisy of judging others, how Alyssa handles other peoples reactions to her sharing and the problem with saying ‘they’re just doing it for attention’

Rachel Tuchman is a Licensed Mental Health Counselor (LMHC) with over ten years of experience. She has worked with many diverse populations including incarcerated women at Riker's Island Correctional Facility, kids and adults with developmental delays, kids with behavior issues, overwhelmed parents looking for skills and support, teens struggling with the pressures of adolescence and life in general, adults going through difficult life circumstances (divorce, infidelity, phase of life challenges) and women experiencing infertility.

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Click here to listen to Rachel's original episode of Be Impactful.

Alyssa Goldwater is a CEO, wife, mom and the Digital Influencer behind the lifestyle brand, A Glass of Goldwater (@alyssagoldwater). Merging motherhood with humor, A Glass of Goldwater has become a community and support network of more than 60,000 women across the world. By having hard conversations about difficult topics such as mental health, body confidence, and the unspoken struggles of motherhood, Alyssa not only keeps people laughing with her sarcastic take on life, but also helps women feel part of something bigger - that they aren’t alone in this crazy world.

Click here to listen to Alyssa's original episode of Be Impactful.

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