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Starting Over with Kate Harvie

I talk with Kate Harvie, an author and accident survivor, about the Traumatic Brain Injury that changed her life. She shares What it was like to be told she couldn’t go home, the spiral of telling yourself stories in your own head and why being so grateful to be alive didn’t necessarily work in her favor.

Kate Harvie was born to teach people how to tell their sto­ries. She does this via writing, editing, marketing, brand strategy, and development online and offline. A graduate of law school, she is a startup founder and advocate for survi­vors of all kinds of trauma.

A published writer for online magazines, print publications, blogs, and the companies where she works and has worked in communications and strategy, Kate began in advertising at FutureBrand’s digital practice. She co-wrote curricula, vodcast scripts, and training dialogues at Sephora and for several cosmetic companies. As the com­munity and content manager at The Phat Startup, she was responsible for the website’s content creation, editing, and ghostwriting. She works as a proofreader, copy editor, and developmental editor for independent publishers. Today she is the contributing writer for the Universal Hip Hop Museum.

Kate is a survivor of a traumatic brain injury. That is the impetus for her first book, Believe It and Behave It: How to Restart, Reset, and Reclaim Your Life. She is a singer, an advocate, and the person you want in your corner and on your speed dial.


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