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Reclaiming Dignity with Bracha Poliakoff

I sit down with Bracha Poliakoff, the author of Reclaiming Dignity. to discuss tznius. She shares the importance of having women’s voices, experiences and Torah wisdom in the book, how society plays a role in what values get passed on in tznius education and the problem with putting so much emphasis on clothing.

Bracha Poliakoff, LCSW-C is a licensed clinical social worker, speaker, and writer. She currently serves as the founder and director of continuing education at Bright Ideas Continuing Education, where she provides high quality continuing education programs for mental health professionals in the United States and Canada. She has also taught Torah to both high schoolers and adults in a variety of settings, and is the author of Reclaiming Dignity: A Guide to Tzniut for Men and Women. As a passionate member of the Orthodox community, Bracha often finds ways to give back and make a difference and has served on the board of Keneseth Beth Israel (Richmond, VA) as well as the Women’s Institute of Torah (Baltimore, MD) in addition to her involvement in many other community programs and initiatives. Bracha is also committed to personal and professional development and has participated in The Associated’s Young Leadership Council and the Orthodox Union’s Women’s Initiative Leadership Summit. Bracha lives in Baltimore, MD, with her husband and three children.


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