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Processing Trauma with Esther Goldstein, LCSW

I sit down with  trauma therapist Esther Goldstein to figure out how to process a war on our people. We discuss why watching graphic photos and videos is so harmful, especially to children, the importance of regulating our nervous systems and practical exercises along with what to do if you’ve seen something you wish you hadn’t.

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Esther Goldstein is a licensed clinical social worker in the Five Towns and surrounding areas. As a Trauma Specialist, Trauma Educator and Founder of Integrative Psychotherapy, her goal is to make sure that you are set up with just the right customized therapeutic experience to help you along your healing journey. While she is not accepting new clients, she has put together a team of talented therapists , who are each trained in advanced therapy methods to help you on your journey. My heart beats with hope for those who are hurting. I trust my team, with their individual expertise and wisdom to hold space and guide you towards real, wholesome healing. 


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