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"Normal" with Alex Fleksher & Rivki Silver

I talk with Alex Fleksher & Rivki Silver, the hosts of The Deep Meaningful Conversations Podcast, about their show. We discuss how covid led to the Normal Frum Woman podcast which was eventually acquired by Meaningful Minute, the politics of being “normal”, diversity & conformity in the Orthodox community, and how frum women relate to their talents and careers.

Alex Fleksher is an educator, speaker, op-ed columnist for Mishpacha Magazine, co-host of Deep Meaningful Conversations, and creative director of the Faces of Orthodoxy account on social media. She holds a Masters degree in secondary Jewish education from Azrieli Graduate School and an undergraduate degree in English/Communications from Stern College for Women. Alex is an active member of her local Cleveland community and a dynamic teacher with a passion for community activism. She’s a former chair of the Shabbos Project Cleveland, a founding board member of Chaviva High School for Girls and a co-founder of The Chizuk Retreat Cleveland.

Rivki Silver is co-host of the Deep Meaningful Conversations podcast, powered by Meaningful Minute. A regular contributor to Family First magazine,  
her writing can also be found on many popular Jewish websites. She holds a degree in music performance and has performed internationally with orchestras, chamber ensembles and bands, and these days plays piano for events at all the day schools in Cleveland, where she lives with her husband and children.




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