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Motherless Shoppers with Sarah Rivkah Kohn & Bruchy Grosinger

I sit down with Sarah Rivkah Kohn,the founder of Links, and Bruchy Grosinger, the director of Dress Me, to discuss their incredible work. We discuss how Links has evolved and responded to their families needs over the years, why I specifically choose to direct all of my brand's charity to Dress Me and Links and what it’s like to clothing shop without a mother.

Sarah Rivkah Kohn is the founder & director of Links an organization that provides emotional support to children & teens who lost a parent. As someone who lost her mother at age 9, Sarah Rivkah gets  the pain and has curated a team of successful adults who also lost a parent as children and can be supportive of others. Bruchy Grosinger is the director of Dress Me, a divison of Links.

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