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Money & Values with Yael Trusch

Rivky sits down with Yael Trusch, the host of Jewish Money Matters. to discuss money. She shares how the 2008 recession led her to reexamine her whole relationship with money, why it’s so uncomfortable to talk about money, and how to properly handle money in your relationships.

Yael Trusch, is a Money Coach and Host of the award-winning podcast: Jewish
Money Matters. Her signature online course G-d Wants You To Be Rich has transformed the lives of countless Jewish women and couples across the globe.
Dubbed as “The Jewish Oprah,” Yael is a sought after speaker who captivates and empowers women with her honest, relatable, and profoundly Jewish approach to money and life. Yael’s prolific appearances include memorable speeches at the Jewish Learning Institute (JLI) National Jewish Retreat, Momentum, Wizo, Hadassa, as well as JCC’s and Chabad Houses around the world. Yael is a regular contributor for,, and the Jewish Herald Voice. Her Jewish financial insights have also been featured in mainstream publications such as Real Simple Magazine, The Independent, and numerous podcasts.
Yael has an MBA from NYU and a bachelors in Economics and International Relations from Tufts University. She is a native of Puerto Rico, lived and worked abroad in exotic locations as Shanghai, China; Buenos Aires, Argentina; Santiago, Chile; Jerusalem, Israel; and several US metros from Manhattan to Miami. Yael currently resides in Houston, Texas, with her husband and four children.

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