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Missed Expectations with Dr. Aimee Baron (2022)

I talk with Dr. Aimee Baron, a pediatrician and the founder of I Was Supposed To Have A Baby, about her infertility journey. She shares the work she did to accept the fact that her family wouldn’t look the way she imagined after suffering multiple miscarriages and how we can better support those around us in the infertility community.

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Aimee Baron MD, FAAP, is the founder and executive director of I Was Supposed to Have a Baby (IWSTHAB), a nonprofit organization that utilizes social media to support Jewish individuals and families as they are struggling to have a child. It provides a warm and nurturing space for those going through infertility, pregnancy loss, infant loss, surrogacy or adoption, in addition to connecting those families to resources in the Jewish community at large.  IWSTHAB offers a modern solution (Instagram and Tiktok) to an age-old problem, and is currently serving over 15,000 people and growing.   


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