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Magical Mendy with Menucha Cooper

Rivky sits down with Menucha Cooper, Mendy's Mom. Mendy has Angelman Syndrome. Menucha shares what they noticed in their Mendy early on that led to a diagnosis, the decision to celebrate the child God has given them, why representation is important, and what to do when you’re not sure what to say in front of a special needs child.

Menucha Cooper is a proud mum of 5 incredible kids. Her 4th child Mendy has Angelman Syndrome a rare genetic condition.

Together with her husband Reuvi, they are the youth directors at Chabad Malvern in Melbourne Australia. Menucha is extremely passionate about educating and spreading awareness on disability and inclusion and making sure the programs she runs are accessible for all.

Menucha facilitates workshops for children and adults about inclusion, acceptance and how we can make a difference. Menucha runs Mum Le Mum a support group for fellow warrior mums who have children with disabilities.

Menucha shares her journey through her social media platforms @magicalmendy in the hope to spread awareness, educate others about disabilities and most importantly for other parents to feel less isolated and alone.

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