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Life After MLM with Roberta Blevins

I sit down with Roberta Blevins, a former successful MLMer, to discuss her time in that cult like world. She shares What an MLM is, the tactics used in an MLM to maintain rank, and how the structure encourages bad behavior. Plus we discuss why personal accountability isn’t relevant in an industry with a higher failure rate than gambling.

Roberta Blevins was a consultant for 3 MLMs; It Works!, LuLaRoe and Modere, and a customer of many. A Trainer with LuLaRoe, Roberta had a team of 75 women under her, and made over $65,000 in bonuses alone. Definitely "successful" in the eyes of MLM, she was in the top 5% of the company, personal friends with many at Home Office, and invited to speak in company propaganda.  She definitely "worked her business", and still came to the conclusion it was a losing game and a systemically run scam. She eft the MLM world in 2017 and began publicly educating and speaking out against it. Since leaving MLM, she has educated herself on the systemic structure of the business model, the psychological manipulation, the seedy underbelly and governmental ties, the cult indoctrination, and the history of Multi Level Marketing. She educates daily on TikTok, and podcasts in her "free time", talking to the survivors and victims of these commercial cults, disguised as the quickest route to the American Dream.

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