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Kosher Issues with Franciska Kosman

I sit down with Franciska Kosman, a podcast host and recording artist, to discuss her journey. She share what her childhood in Moscow was like, why she’s allergic to censorship of any kind, why’s it’s quite hard for her to be popular, and the difference between culture and Halacha.

Franciska Kosman, the founder of Kay Productions,is a Jewish Orthodox Art-Preneur who started her career as a singer and composer. She has achieved international success with over 60 singles released. Following her success in music, she went on to establish Kay Productions, which provides a range of services including content development, producing, marketing, and ways to create an impact with a meaningful message.

Franciska's personal experience of feeling depressed and disillusioned with her industry led her to create her podcast. The show not only helped her to build a market for her business but also a community. She now provides a platform for others to have a voice and helps them to do the same.