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"I didn't ask to be strong" The IDF Wives Panel with Yaf Newman, Tali Wohlgelernte, and Anonymous Part 2

Rivky continues the conversation with Yaf Newman, Tali Wohlgelernte, and Anonymous, 3 women whose husbands are currently serving in the IDF. We discuss the financial side of living in a country at war, what they want those of us outside of Israel to understand, navigating mothering with a father on the front lines and what their own quiet moments after everyone’s asleep look like.

Tali grew up in Chicago and made aliyah in 2010. She lives in Givat Shmuel with her husband and 4 daughters. 
Tali and her husband serve as the directors of Mizrachi OU-JLIC in Givat Shmuel and Bar Ilan.
Tali is also a professional makeup artist and kallah teacher and loves empowering women in both these areas!

Yaffy Newman is a current and past army wife who hails from Hollywood, FL. She has been living in Israel for the last almost decade with her Israeli husband and sabra baby. When they arent separated due to Miluim she works with her husband for Mizrachi-OU JLIC Givat Shmuel & Bar Ilan.

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