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Humility & Intention with Shaindy Plotzker

I sit down with an Orthodox Jewish singer  Shaindy Plotzker to discuss her journey. She shares how humility factors into her life as a public figure, what dishwasher soap has to do with songwriting, the real life conversation that inspired  her newest song “Fire”, and we get the exclusive debrief on her big concert in NJPAC.

Shaindy Plotzker is a popular singer and songwriter from Monsey, NY. She sings with passion, emotion, and electric energy, using her gift to inspire and uplift Jewish women and girls around the globe. Shaindy recognizes that “it’s all from above” and is passionate about using her talent for good. Music aside, she’s a big believer in the power of kindness, spreading positivity, and that a smile can go a long way. Her hit songs “Ah-Yay”, “Never Alone”, “Zachreinu”, and others can be found on all streaming platforms, and her music videos can be found on YouTube. 


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