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Get a Life with Faigie Horowitz, Miriam Hendeles and Miriam Lieberman

I sit down with Faigie Horowitz, Miriam Hendeles and Miriam Lieberman, the three founders of Jewish Women of Wisdom, to discuss the needs of Jewish women aged 50+. They share the moments they each realized their life had changed, why it’s important to plan for the golden years- and get a life!

JWOW! is a digital community for midlife Orthodox women 50+ which offers camaraderie, conversation about life stage issues, and content with monthly zoom programming, book clubs, and exclusive relevant articles. It is led by Miriam Hendeles, Miriam Liebermann, and Faigie Horowitz, authors, thought leaders, and community activists. It can be accessed at TheirJWOW! columns are featured regularly in the Five Towns Jewish Home, the LA Jewish Home, the Yated Magazine, and in other periodicals

Best is Yet To Be by Miriam Lieberman

To Fill the Sky with Stars by Miriam Lieberman

Mazal Tov, It's a Bubby by Miriam Hendeles

Best Foot Forward by Miriam Hendeles

Miriam Hendeles's blog

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