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Freelance Design with Sew Heidi

I sit down with Sew Heidi, a woman who chose the freelance route in fashion and educates others. She shares why owning a brand wasn’t for her, why freelancing as a fashion designer has worked so well, the types of brands that are willing to hire freelance designers and how we can all overcome self doubt.

After running a brand she grew to hate and working 60+ hours in a toxic fashion job, Heidi almost burnt out in fashion. But then she found freelancing - real freelancing, where you're in charge of your own business, not temp job "permalancing" where you work 40 hours on-site for one brand. Heidi built her freelance career to $100k+ and was living her dream, working when she wanted, traveling, and never worrying about paying the bills. Since then, she's taught 1000s of freelance fashion designers (and TDs, PDs, patternmakers and more) how to work for themselves in fashion AND make money.

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