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For Yourself with Rebecca Sigala

I talk with Rebecca Sigala, a boudoir photographer, about women’s bodies and her work. She shares the difference between body image and self image, her experience with religious women and boudoir, the messages her clients have gotten about their bodies, and things we can all do to start feeling sexy right now.

Rebecca Sigala is an internationally recognized boudoir photographer, self-love activist, and body image coach for women. Through her artistic and intimate portraiture, women are given the opportunity to embark on a self-love journey and see their beauty in a different light. Rebecca currently runs an online Facebook community of over 3,600 women, has hosted workshops, and spoken at educational conferences about the importance of self-care, positive body image, and connecting to our true selves. Rebecca created The Body Positivity Course: My Body My Home, in order to help guide and empower women with the tools they need to truly love their bodies and feel confident in their skin.

Rebecca Sigala lives in Efrat, Israel, with her business partner and husband, Yehoshua Sigala, and their 3 beautiful children.