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Every Family is Whole with Shterny Steinmetz

I talk with Shterny Steinmetz, a CMO, mom, and community organizer about her time as a single parent. She shares the support she wished she got in the early stages of single motherhood, why she believes people are hesitant to support children of divorce, and how a Chanukah party led to My Extended Family, an organization supporting children of single parent homes.

Shterny Steinmetz is the CMO of Lucida surface and the talented force behind the majority of Lucida’s sales and
Prior to her position at Lucida, Shterny took the opportunity apparent in the rising property values in Brooklyn and Bushwick areas, and successfully brokered the sale of dozens of high-profile buildings, some worth upwards of
Shterny’s passion for her work is exceeded only by her passion for her children – and she extends this to all children in need. Drawing on her own experiences as a single parent for 7 years, Shterny founded and runs My Extended Family, an organization that provides services for 350+ children from single-parent homes.
Now happily married, Shterny lives with her husband Eli and 7 children in Pomona, NY, where she is active as a board member and fundraiser for My Extended Family, as well as on the PTA of her children’s schools. She thrills in using her talents and drive to improve the lives of others.

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