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Empowered Birth with Chanie Fingerer

I talk with Chanie Fingerer, a labor and delivery nurse, about giving birth. We discuss the things every pregnant person should know, how to figure out if you’re with the provider that’s a good fit for you, the proper way to approach a birth plan, and that first post birth poop.

Chanie Fingerer is a birth nerd and has been a labor and delivery nurse for 8 years. After undergoing a negative experience with her first birth, she was inspired to pursue a career to support women in the way that she herself so sorely lacked. In July of 2020, she widened her reach beyond the hospital by starting an educational Instagram account, @yoledetacademy, and subsequently launched The Happy Birthway Podcast. Chanie infuses her education through a Jewish lens and specializes in serving the unique needs of Jewish women. Yoledet Academy now offers online childbirth education courses with a focus on self-advocacy and a community membership, which you can find by going to Chanie also consults for medical malpractice attorneys as an obstetric nurse expert witness and works as a camp nurse in the summers.

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