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Defiance Beauty with Nechami Tenenbaum

I sit down with Nechami Tenenbaum, my good friend and the founder of Defiance Beauty, to discuss why she felt the need to change the name of the natural beauty brand she founded. She shares how she found the confidence to come out from behind the camera and be the face of her brand, the importance of thinking of our skin as an opening and the benefits of natural makeup, plus her experience with changing a part of her face she didn’t love.

Nechami Tenenbaum, MBA in Marketing, is the Founder & CEO of, a high-performance, natural cosmetics brand that complements all skin tones, bringing visibility to minorities and women who have been underrepresented in the beauty industry. Her other passion is as a Business & Marketing Consultant/Enneagram Coach, where she empowers high-achieving, creative female entrepreneurs to uncover their superpowers to rapidly increase their visibility and revenue! Her podcast “We Are Women,” is a show where women speak their truth & celebrate their  victories. Nechami has been featured on FOX, Thrive Global, Bustle Magazine, The Ed Kalegi Show, & more. You can reach her via email: Instagram: @Nechamit/@Defiancebeautybn or through her website:

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