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Cultivating Happiness with Avital Levene The Jewish Meme Queen

I sit down with Avital Levene, The Jewish Meme Queen. She shares how she used humor through a challenging childhood, Her thoughts on independently figuring out her own religiosity, On dating while making dating memes, and how she cultivates her own happiness and defines success.

Avital Levene, the face behind the social media account “The Jewish Meme Queen,” is a thoughtful and creative individual who puts in her all whether she’s working her 9-5 marketing job or creating content for her Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok account. As an Orthodox Jew, Avital utilizes her platform to push for unity and acceptance of all people within the Jewish community. 

Always looking for the next big thing, Avital puts herself out there with laughter and smiles, connecting people around the world through her unique lens of Jewish humor. 

@jewishmemequeen on twitter/X

@thejewishmemequeen on Instagram

@jewishmemequeen on TikTok

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