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Building Esteem with Dr. Marcy Forta

I sit down with Dr. Marcy Forta, the founder of Atzmi, an organization focused on improving the self esteem of Jewish girls. She shares the genetic factors of eating disorders and why Jewish women are more likely to develop one, her own experience with an eating disorder at age 14, how pressure to be perfect can contribute to risk for eating disorders and how her curriculum incorporates Torah values into discussions of body image

Dr. Marcy Forta is the founder and director of Atzmi, an organization dedicated to supporting the mental health of Jewish girls through programs that improve their self-esteem, body acceptance, and reduce the focus on outward appearances with the overall goal being for each girl to discover and appreciate her unique self and prevent the onset of eating disorders. She is the creator of the "My Best Self" Project that is being used in frum schools throughout the country. It consists of workshops for girls and supporting sessions for the influential adults in their lives, their parents and educators.

Dr. Forta works in eating disorder education, awareness, and prevention. She offers support and guidance for parents and loved ones struggling with an eating disorder, facilitates support groups, and helps people with body image issues.

You can reach her at or or email her at


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